The Voices of a Murdered City. Jacek Konik

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Dr. Jacek Konik's book "Voices of the Killed City" is an excellent combination of scientific and popularizing work. It allows an ordinary layman to immerse himself in the lost world of everyday life of the Jewish population of Warsaw. […] In its pages you will find both a presentation of the research and a very interesting iconographic message of the excavated artifacts. They present the everyday existence of Jewish residents of Warsaw in selected aspects of material culture. In the attached photos, they show very convincingly: the non-obvious symbolism of the six-pointed star; everyday life in the apartment and in the kitchen, kitchen utensils, tableware, porcelain, faience, stoneware, glass, lighting, heating, glass packaging-bottles, book and document factories and, finally, items related to Jewish religiosity. The whole thing is written in excellent language and has a rich scientific framework, encouraging careful reading, providing knowledge about the need to combine archeology with modern history.

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